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Sakleshpur is on the Bangalore-Mangalore highway (National Highway 48). Just a three-hour drive from the infotech city and a two-hour drive from the coastal city. The broad gauge line connecting Hassan and Mangalore also passes through Sakleshpur.

Weather is very pleasant throughout the year. Hot summer is rarely above 30 degree celsius and it rarely gets colder than 12 degree celsius.

Honour Roll

Nested amidst the spectacular Western Ghats as it is, Saskleshpur is privy to some of the most spectacular scenes of nature. The undulating green hills provide a fantastic backdrop to the lush green coffee estates, which provide the discerning a rich brew of unmatched quality. The story does not end with coffee but only begins. There is cardamom the queen of spices, which finds a ready host amidst the forests. Then there is the pepper vine, which hugs the shade plant for sustenance and gives out a product that is savored by the rich and famous throughout the world. And add the newly arrived orchid called the vanilla, which, is the flavor of the world. Then there is ginger, which is an ingredient in many, a medicine and of course there is a lot of paddy all along the gradients. All this is only an introduction to the flora but a description of the fauna will leave a bird-watcher and the wildlife enthusiast gasping in wonder. And one can never forget the river Hemavathy that meanders around the town completing a perfect picture. Meet the planters of Sakleshpur in an ideal venue. The Planters' Club.

This club is exclusive to planters only. It reflects their lifestyle more importantly an opportunity for their aching bones and an opportunity for their spouses to relax and socialize. Because there is a professional hazard that haunts the planter and his spouse. It is loneliness and boredom. Planters club is the perfect answer to this drawback. The founders of this club were particular about one thing. This had to be a club for the planter and his family. What is a club but a second home and what is a home without a family? The result is there for all to see. In the evenings women and children often out-number the men and you will usually see some men waiting for their wives to finish socializing!

Development has been on the annual agenda and now we have a beautiful club with excellent facilities and a dedicated team of staff members who provide the best of service. An excellent ambience that would be the proud and envy of any club has been created. Members have been carefully selected from among the cream of the planting community. Members have been kept small to make it exclusive.

Another unique feature of this club is that all the members belong to a single profession. All members have a great amount of camaraderie amongst themselves because they face common problems. Frequent meetings, seminars and workshops are held to enlighten the growers regarding latest happenings in the industry.

Lots of annual events are routinely conducted. The New Year party is a big bash and so are the ladies' day, annual sports day and Children's day. Every Thursday night and Tuesday afternoons, buffet dinner is made available at nominal prices. Festivals like Diwali and Sankranti are conducted with great fervor.